Privacy Policy

At Vidfish Pte. Ltd. (“Vidfish“), we are committed to preserving your privacy and safeguarding your sensitive information. We conduct our business in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012) of Singapore and have implemented additional measures to protect your personal information.

This Privacy Policy explains and discloses our practices, how we collect, use, disclose and process your personal information, and the following statements describe our general information-gathering and usage practices, by Vidfish.

This Privacy Policy should be read together with the Terms of Use. Unless otherwise defined, terms used herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Use, as posted on the Company’s website, via the Vidfish App, Web or any other form or manner deemed to be appropriate by the Company.

Contacting Us
If you have general questions about your account, or the use of your personal information, cookies or similar technologies, please contact us by email at Please note that if you contact us to assist you, for your safety and ours we may need to authenticate your identity before fulfilling your request.

1. Consent to collection, usage, disclosure and/or processing

By continuing to use our services, after the effective date of this Privacy Policy (as set out above), you are deemed to have agreed and consented to allow Vidfish and its affiliates and related corporations (collectively, the "Group") to:
1.1. collect, use, disclose and/or process Customer Information about you that you had previously provided to the Group, that you now provide to the Group and/or that you may in future provide to the Group for the purposes set out below; and
1.2. disclose information about you to third party service providers that are engaged by the Group to perform certain functions in connection with the purposes set out below, so long as disclosure is necessary to enable such third party service providers to perform such functions.

The third party service providers as referred to in paragraph 1.2 above may be located within or outside Singapore. In this regard, by continuing to use our services, you are deemed to have agreed and consented that such third party service providers may, to the extent necessary to perform the said functions, collect, use, disclose and/or process information about you.

The terms "we", "our" and "us" refer to the Group.
2. The ways through which we collect your personal information

We may collect your personal information when you:
2.1. download our app, register for an account, subscribe to our services;
2.2. open a Vidfish Account;
2.3. use the Vidfish App and other related products or services;
2.5. sign up for alerts or newsletters;
2.6. contact us with a question or request for assistance;
2.7. participate in a competition, lucky draw, questionnaire or survey; or
2.8. visit our website, including but not limited to information collected in relation to cookies, pixel tags, Flash cookies or other local storage stored on your computer or other devices (if applicable).
3. The information that we collect

The information that we collect depends on the products and services that you use and/or subscribe to. Here are some key examples:
3.1. your Customer Information: your name, email address, location services, payment method(s), and telephone number. In certain countries, we collect a government identification number for purposes such as billing and tax compliance. We collect this information in a number of ways, including when you provide permissions, enter it while using our service, interact with our customer service, and/or participate in surveys or marketing promotions;
3.2. your interaction with us: emails or letters you send to us or other records of any contact you have with us;
3.3. your Vidfish Account information: your Credentials, and the subscription services you use or other details related to your Vidfish Account;
3.4. information on your use of our services: feedback on the Vidfish App and the degree of seamlessness that you enjoy when you use the Vidfish App;
3.5. your preferences: this is based on what you share with us on how you would like to be contacted, and your preferred products and services; and
3.6. information from other organisations: these organisations include fraud-prevention agencies, business directories, credit reference agencies or individuals we believe you have authorised to provide your personal details on your behalf.
4. Use of information

We use information to provide, analyze, administer, enhance and personalize our services and marketing efforts, to process your registration, your orders and your payments, and to communicate with you on these and other topics. For example, we use information to:
4.1. the provisioning and administration of services, so as to enable us to:
4.1.1.     determine your general geographic location, provide localized content, provide you with customized and personalized viewing recommendations for movies and TV shows we think will be of interest to you, determine your Internet service provider, and help us quickly and efficiently respond to inquiries and requests open a Vidfish Account for you;

4.1.2.      open a Vidfish Account for you;

4.1.3.     process your orders and activate or deactivate our services;

4.1.4.     offer rewards and promotions, and share promotional benefits and loyalty programs which you may qualify for;

4.1.5.     provide updates, offers, invitations to events and deliver relevant targeted advertising, including through email,
             voice and SMS (or other text messaging platforms) with your prior consent or
             if otherwise permitted under local laws and regulations.

4.1.6.     enable us to process bills and payments;

4.1.7.     respond to enquiries and requests from you or people you have authorised;

4.1.8.     inform you about service upgrades and updates; and

4.1.9.     provide directory assistance in relation to the Vidfish App;
4.2. market research, network and service enhancement, so as to enable us to:
4.2.1.     conduct market research and customer satisfaction surveys to improve our customer service; develop new products,
             as well as personalise the services we offer you; and

4.2.2.     perform market analysis;
4.3. audit, accounting or legal compliance, credit checks and solvency purposes;
4.4. any takeover, amalgamation, merger, or acquisition of Vidfish, whether potential or not;
4.5. circumstances where the personal information is anonymised and aggregated before being shared, such that the information is devoid of any personally identifiable features;
4.6. the mitigation of certain security risks, and in that regard:
4.6.1.     inform you of service and security issues;

4.6.2.     prevent and detect fraud or other crimes and recover debts;

4.6.3.     conduct internal audits;

4.6.4.     ensure the safety and security of our properties and systems; and

4.6.5.     conduct checks for AML, CFT and related risks; and

4.8. meeting legal, regulatory and other requirements, complying with the Applicable Laws of Singapore and any other relevant jurisdiction including but not limited to those related to AML and CFT, and providing assistance to law enforcement, judicial and other government agencies.
5. Sharing your information with third party service providers

We may share your information with third party service providers to perform certain functions in connection with the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to:
5.1. business partners and vendors we work with to deliver services you have subscribed to;
5.2. compliance service providers for verification purposes;
5.3. financial institutions for purposes such as facilitating payments (if applicable);
5.4. service providers providing administrative and/or infrastructural support for our services; and
5.5. marketing companies for market analysis purposes (if applicable).

Your information is disclosed to the above only for relevant purposes set out above or in the interest of our customers.

4 The third party service providers may or may not be based in jurisdictions outside of Singapore. We will use our best endeavours to ensure that third party service providers we work with observe strict confidentiality and data protection obligations consistent with this Privacy Policy and will be protected at a standard that is at least comparable to that under the Personal Data Protection (No. 26 of 2012) of Singapore.
6. Retention of your personal information
6.1. We will retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. However, we will retain your information for a longer period where required by law and for the duration of any statutory limitation period for claims.
7. Respecting your contact preferences
7.1. We are committed to complying with the Do Not Call ("DNC") provisions. We will be mindful of engaging our customers in a more targeted and relevant way.
7.2. We may send marketing messages to your Singapore telephone number if:
7.2.1.     you have given us consent;

7.2.2.     you have not registered with the national DNC Registry; or

7.2.3.     the sending of such messages is permissible under the Applicable Laws.

7.3. Our marketing messages aim to update you about our exclusive offers, rewards programme and special deals from our preferred partners and advertisers
7.4. If you wish to continue receiving such messages or to opt out, you can indicate your preference at any time via your Vidfish Account. Your request will be processed within thirty (30) days
8. General Information and questions
8.2. We may amend or modify this Policy from time to time. The revised Privacy Policy will be posted on our website, via the Vidfish App or any other form or manner deemed to be appropriate by the Company.